VGT has a creditable record of placement of its Candidates. A good number of candidates can get job placements in various companies in India and abroad.

Apart from Placement interviews on other campuses in and around South India, in which our candidates can participate, a number of interviews are held on our campus.

Placement Procedures

  • Organizations are invited to Our Office.
  • A consortium of placement officers are formed.
  • Placement officers meet often to co-ordinate placement activities.
  • Candidates are asked to register in the placement cell.
  • Resumes are collected and formatted to the requirements of the MNC.
  • The list of Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria are sent to the responding companies upon request.
  • The company assigns a convenient date to visit the campus.
  • The company officials conduct the The recruitment and selection and publish the list of selected Candidates.
  • The Company sends the offer letters in due course, along with their training package.